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It's not about what you learn, it's about HOW you learn!

An Online environment
for complete Student Learning

If you're looking to enrich your learners with knowledge and help them reach their full potential and excel in any chosen field, then our Learner Management Platform (LMP) can help you achieve that goal.


The Most Comprehensive eLearning environment
to take your learners to the next level.

Our mission is to provide an Unique and Enriching learning experience to your learners, through innovative learning technology coupled with world class support.
Deon Visser
CEO, App Loaded Technologies

All about the experience

The learning experience is vitally important to a student. This is what your students experience, this is what creates your brand and this is what separates you from the crowd. With App Loaded, you will impact the learning experience of your learners and create an overall positive impact that your learners won’t forget.

Great Features

Over 500+ features built for Education !

Here are a few features that make learning more enjoyable….

AI Powered Learning

AI expands the power of of our Learner Management Systems into areas where online education has not proved successfully implemented. Artificial intelligence in works in 2 main areas as follows :

AI Powered Elements

Units: The AI powered units are able to automatically detect user completion and progress. AI Powered Quizzes and Assignments: are able to score user based on user’s completion rates objectively. [ More coming soon ]

AI Powered curriculum

The AI Powered Curriculum automatically adjusts itself based on user’s performance. There are are several objectives the Instructors sets in the course based on those objectives the curriculum adds, removes units from user’s course ensuring maximum retention , yet making the course an enjoyable experience.


Making courses enjoyable and improve the retention rates using Gamification.

Our system ships with an inbuilt Gamification Module. Features like Points, Bots, Animation, Realtime Contests, Leaderboards and more engage your students.

Gamification in eLearning is a way to keep your students engage. This is perhaps the most important task for any eLearning platform, to make eLearning fun.

To compensate the lack of physical presense of an Instructor, the innovative features of an online learning space matter a lot in determining the success of your online education platform.

Countless studies have shown the impact of Engaging online courses actually outperform physical education. Gamification can really turn your education content into a fun eLearning tool.

The LMS uses a Points system which reward badges to students as certain points are achieved. These points and rewards are created by administrator.

Here’s how it works :

  1. Administrator creates a series of Badges that are to be awarded to the Learners.
  2. Each badge is awarded when the learner achieves a certain amount of points for activities completed.

Social Learning

Peer learning with community support. Students in working in your social learning platform can easily interact and get advantage of peer learning. With features like Community Helpdesk, Forums, Friends, Followers, Notifications, Private Messaging, Knowledge Base, Notes, Discussions, Reviews and more…

Member Groups/Classes / Batches

Enable Groups in your Community Site. Groups provide a very flexible way to group users in your site. You can use groups feature for Casual groups, where any user can create a group with like minded users in your community. OR You can chose groups to create departments like Science Groups, Maths Groups. Or you can mix both strategies above. You can create unlimited custom groups. Groups can be further categories into Group types. You can create Student group types [ math group, algebra group, chemistry group A etc. ], Instructor group types and other user group types in your community.

Private Messaging

Private messaging is another aspect of of our system. Users can message to other users in the community. Simply search and send message. This replaces the need for a mail system, though you can trigger emails on every message.


The users get notification on every action point. There are many use cases where notifications are really important for eLearning sites. After all it is all about community. Instructor updated a new module in the course, the students are notified about it.


Users can create friends. Send friendship proposals to each others and become firend. Friends come with benefits of getting direct messages in their activity feed on what they are doing just like facebook.

Micro Learning

MicroLearning is the latest trend in eLearning. Simple byte sized engaging learning elements make online learning an enjoyable experience.

Our systems ship with Inbuilt Microlearning elements like :  FashCards, Image hotspots, Match Image Grid, ScratchCards , Deck of Cards and Swipe to reveal image.


One of the most popular forms of elearning microlearning. A simple card which flips to show the backside. You can use it to create easy questionaires or simply to give fun to your elearning content.

Scratch Cards

Similar to flashcards a scratch card is where the user needs to scratch the surface to make the underneath surface appear.

Image Reveal

Two images overlap one on top of another. A Slider appears on moving the slider it reveals the image underneath it.

Image hotspots

Instructors marks hotspots on images which show description when clicked on them.

Memory Game

A grid memory game appears. Instructor uploads images and the students match the images.


Manage Courses / Curriculum / Events


Check Events / Tasks / Courses


Monitor progress / Results / Statsitcs


Manage Courses / Curriculum / Events


Check Events / Tasks / Courses


Monitor progress / Results / Statsitcs

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We also take great care of our teachers. Happy Teachers means they are able to focus on their goals better.

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What Parents think about us

Happy Parents, happy students and a healthy life style are our core values.

We're very grateful to be here, our kids get complete learning and social interaction.

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